task management, web services
task management, web services task management, web services
task management, web services

A proposal for web development firms

task management, web services
A two-punch proposal for web development firms


Task Meister Business Partners start in one of 3 categories:

1. Reseller — If you or your firm is in the business of reselling software, you're probably looking for ways to enhance your offerings to include web services. Task Meister is the right choice if you're looking for:
  • A learning curve for your sales force that makes them ready to compel orders in 2 hours.
  • An easy ancillary sale to your current offerings. Task Meister is applicable to anyone wishing to manage tasks online, that is, just about every one of your customers.
  • A quick sale since subscription pricing is within almost everyone's immediate signature authority.
  • A way out of collecting money. Task Meister does that for you.
Would you like a sale that keeps paying every month?

2. Software Integrator - One advantage of a web service is how easily it integrates with other software. If you need to provide task management as part of your application, let us show you how that can be a component we can provide faster, easier, and cheaper than doing it yourself.

3. Value Added Reseller — Whereas Task Meister is a very effective tool to manage tasks online, it requires someone to break projects into tasks and make sure people do their tasks, that is, be a Project Manager. Some Task Meister customers are happy to do that. Some look to outsource that, particularly if they are presented with a Project Management capability well matched to the project at hand.

This is where a Value Added Reseller comes in, typically with a proposal to your clients that includes Task Meister and the services to deliver a complete project. Usually, this is priced at many times the cost of Task Meister alone. And we become your collection agent, rolling your fee into the subscription price and making your past due collection problems a thing of the past.

If you are a Task Meister trail blazer, we invite you to join our Business Partners. We are commited to helping uncover new Task Meister applications in areas that are profitable for our Business Partners.

The process begins with an application form you use to introduce yourself and your plans. You are assigned to a Partner Advocate who responds by either approving your application or suggesting ways to improve your value proposition.

RefCode EntryOnce onboard, we assign you a RefCode that we use to track your commissions. Whenever a Task Meister customer signs up, they can enter a RefCode as shown to the right. This identifies them as your customer.

As a Business Partner, you are also assigned an account on our members-only Business Portal section. With your RefCode and a password, you will see a page like the one below showing your sales commissions, as well as a place to set  your prices for Task Meister sales.

Sample Partner Info

Besides a competitive commission structure, we can provide the following to help build your Task Meister community:
  1. Custom website development addressing your specialized community with a URL like www.TaskMeister.com/MySpecialty. This may include focused content you provide and signup forms automatically channeling into your commission structure.
  2. Development of custom demos structured like our baseline demo, but focused on your specialized Task Meister application area — and with the slides linking to your signup form.
  3. Co-development of marketing collateral like Powerpoint slides.
  4. Published authors ready to help you produce newsworthy articles for your community's trade magazines.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
What are the commission rates?
Can I have people I train work at this with me?
How often can I change my prices?

What are the commission rates?
These are negotiated person-to-person and depend on factors like how well matched your community is to Task Meister, how much you will do to make things happen, what you plan to charge, etc. We also typically give more of a commission on the signup fee for resellers and membership groups since that is where you often make your most important contribution. Such startup fee commissions can range from 20% to 50% with monthly subscription commissions around 10%.

Value Added Resellers set their own startup and monthly commission rates. Part-time Project Managers (with experience) can charge several thousand dollars per month, for example, and we may retain $50/mo to deliver Task Meister and to collect and pass on their fee automatically.

Can I have people I train work at this with me?
Yes. And we can negotiate a separate RefCode for each person you bring aboard such that you share in their commission structure. If John Smith (RefCode=JS), for example, brings Linda Lewis aboard, her RefCode would be JS-LL. Each time a sale goes through for RefCode JS-LL, Linda Lewis gets her commission and so does John Smith. Such second-level commissions (to John Smith) are typically 2% to 10%.

This borrows concepts from multilevel marketing, but remember a major difference. Whereas most multilevel marketing programs minimize the importance of the product being sold (often just household commodities) relative to their compensation formulas, we look first at the product. Our business model is not based on soap suds — it is built on Task Meister's rock-solid, proprietary value proposition and your specialized contribution.

How often can I change my prices?
As often as you wish, every sale if you wish. If you prefer to walk your customers through the signup process, for example, you can have a price waiting for them that reflects your services to that particular customer and their payment expectations.

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