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When Mary wishes to see details of a task displayed in her Task Table, she can get a complete task display by clicking on either the task name ( here - Job Application Form) or the eye icon Eye Icon.

Wherever Mary sees a person's name, she can click on it to send that person an email message. She can click on the blue Smith, John next to the Assigned By field to bring up her favorite email program with a message ready to send to him. She can use it to get a quick clarification about the task John assigned to her.

Mary can also click on any entries in the Refs field to link to supporting web pages, collaborative spreadsheets, images to use in her design, etc., in this example, a "Reference Template" supporting the design.

As tasks progress toward completion or run into a problem, Mary will update the task by adding transaction notes. This gives everyone one place to look for all task status information. This is done by adding text into the NOTES: field and clicking Add Note. The

Depending on their access level, some users may have a pencil icon Pencil Icon to edit a task. or even have a trash can icon Trash Can Icon to delete tasks.

Click on the Edit a Task slide to see the online form used to update tasks.

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